Friday, June 14, 2013

Adding a comment to a scheduled post on Facebook

There's a theory going around that Facebook shows your posts to more people if you don't put a link in it. So a lot of people are writing their post and putting the link in the comments. Now this is easy if you're typing up your post and posting it straight away, but what if you've scheduled your post and won't be (or are unsure if you will be) near a computer when it automatically posts? You don't want people having to wait for you to return and remember to add the link for them.

So I figured out a way to add comments to scheduled posts, there's a bit of clicking around but it is do-able, see below for a walkthrough with screenshots of the process.

First schedule your post as you would normally (See Scheduled posts on Facebook if you need help with doing this).

Once you've scheduled your post you will get the 'Your Post Has Been Scheduled' popup confirmation. Click on the 'View Activity Log' button. (If you accidentally click on close you can get to your activity log by going to the top admin panel of your Facebook page and clicking on 'Edit Page > Use activity Log').

You will be taken to your Activity Log where all your scheduled posts are at the top of the page. Find the post you want to add your comment to and click on the date the post is scheduled for.

This will open up a page with your scheduled post by itself, and have an area where you can comment. Type in the link or comment you want to go with that post and press enter. You comment is now scheduled to appear when your post appears on your Facebook page.

If you want to double check and make sure your comment/link will appear with your post go back to your Activity Log. Your scheduled post will show the comment underneath it in the Scheduled Posts area.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scheduled posts on Facebook

Scheduling posts on Facebook can be a huge time saver as we all know going on Facebook for 5 minutes to check your page and create one post often turns into a distraction that lasts an hour. We also might want to post something at a particular time (when a sale starts, reminder of an event etc) and either don't want to forget or know we won't be near a computer at that particular time. So you can schedule posts and photo/video from your business page (not poll questions) and know they will appear when you want them to without having to set yourself a reminder.

First, click in the box where you will be typing your post. At the bottom left corner a little clock appears (circled in the image below). Once you click on the clock you will be able to choose the year, month, day, hour and minute you would like your post to appear. Your ‘Post’ button will change to a ‘Schedule’ button.

Once you have scheduled your post you will get a message saying when it will be published. If you would like to edit or cancel the post before it appears on your timeline, you can through your admin panel by clicking on ‘Edit Page > Use Activity Log’.

Your scheduled posts will be at the very top of this screen and gives you the option to change the scheduled time, post now or cancel the post.

A few things to note:
  • Scheduling does take into account where you are in the world, so if you are posting from Victoria, Australia and ask your post to appear at 2pm, it will appear at 2pm Victoria, Australian time.
  • You can only schedule posts up to six months in advance. 

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