Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{ Inspiration List } Facebook Posts

It's good to post once or twice a day on Facebook, but the dreaded 'posting block' often means when we know we haven't posted anything for a few days we still can't think of anything!
So I've put together an inspiration list of things you can post that don't take long to write, don't require much planning and can be used as inspiration more than once.

  • Change your banner image, this gets listed as a post (people can like and comment) and you can promote or spotlight a product/service without needing to write any persuasive text.
  • Photo/information of your newest product.
  • Photo/information of your best seller.
  • Details of an upcoming market or event you will be at.
  • Details of a retail outlet where your product is sold.
  • A photo of where you work, for example your current shop window or workshop bench.
  • A photo of a work in progress.
  • Updates of your work in progress.
  • Link to your latest blog post.
  • Link to a past blog post that still has some great useful information.
  • Link/photo to another business you're collaborating with on a project.
  • Introduce your work helpers, be it employees, kids or pets.
  • Testimonial photos/comments (ask first if you can post them on Facebook).
  • Photo of parcels ready to be posted to their new homes.
  • Welcome message when you have a few new followers.
  • Thank you message to all your followers.
  • Reminder before you send out your newsletter encouraging people to sign up.
  • Any special offers or promotions you have running, and a reminder just before they're about to end.
  • Celebrate milestones, eg # years in business, # of Facebook likes, getting through a huge amount of custom orders, you/employee finishing a course to further their career.
  • Tips for your clients/customers to get the most out of the products you sell.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for the next time you have a posting block when updating your Facebook page.
Don't forget when you have some time to brainstorm a few post ideas, once you've started writing some down more will come! 
Are there any other points you would add to this list?

Yes, FeralArt is on Facebook too!
Come join me, and don't forget to introduce yourself: www.facebook.com/FeralArtDesign


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