Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Make an easy url for your facebook page

If you've just set up a Facebook page for your business or product you will find that the link to your page (the url people have to type in to the internet browser) is quite long and not at all memorable. It will be something like www.facebook.com/pages/yourpagename/1234567891234567 but you are able to change this to something easier like www.facebook.com/yourpagename

Make sure you are logged in to Facebook then visit www.facebook.com/username
Here you can set a username for your personal page (the one you see all your friends posts), and your facebook business page.

First, choose your business page from the drop down menu.
Type the name you would like your page to be found as.

Press the Check Availability button, this will check if anyone else already has the url you would like to be found for. As there are millions of profiles and business pages you may find you don't get your ideal username (I couldn't get FeralArt for example as someone already has it), so you may have to brainstorm a bit to find something appropriate and memorable.

Once you've found a name available you will get a popup window, this lets you know you can't take someone elses trademark, you can't sell usernames etc. But it's also worth noting if you choose to change the username/url of your page in the future you can only do this once.

Once confirmed your username is set up.

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