Monday, February 10, 2014

Monash Militia Camp - Lilydale Sign


100 years ago (Sir) John Monash and 3000 soldiers headed out to Lilydale and camped where the lake is now. They were out there for about a week and on the 13th they held a mock battle at Mount Mary.

To remember the event, yesterday a plaque and sign was unveiled at the hill above Lilydale Lake with information about the event. There was also a military band, guard of honour and volley salute to celebrate the unveiling. Afterwards a book with all the details of the week events and key people was launched at the Lilydale Lake community room.

Over the past few months I worked with Lilydale Rotary on designing the signage and Mt Evelyn RSL on designing the book layout. There will be a second sign unveiled on Thursday at Coldstream near where the Battle of Mount Mary was conducted.

I've done a few historic books in the past two years, but this is the first important piece of signage I've been involved in, so it was a great honour.

Below is a photo of myself, Dave Monks (signwriter) and Anthony McAleer (author and historian).

Photos by Greg Carrick

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