Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{ Inspiration List } Newsletter ideas

I haven't made an inspiration list for a while so following on from some conversations I had after my last newsletter (click here if you would like to read it) I thought I'd put together an inspiration list for when you next need some newsletter ideas!
  • If you have video on your website or a YouTube channel, put a screenshot of your latest video and link to it
  • Focus on photos rather than text
  • A list of tips or ideas related to one of your products
  • Take subscribers behind the scenes of your business
  • Let people know where they can find you offline (markets, retailers, exhibitions etc)
  • Spotlight a retail outlet that sells your product
  • Highlight an ingredient in your product and outline its benefits
  • Introduce a staff member
  • Show or link to any press or blog mentions you've had
  • Include a testimonial
  • A saying or fact that relates to your product
  • Talk about a charity or group you're supporting
  • Photo of a work in progress

Do you have any other ideas that might give people ideas for their next newsletter? Feel free to comment them below.


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